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MBRA's March 12th Community Meeting~We want to keep you informed of what we learned about County's vision:

 Thank you for coming to our March meeting - to our knowledge, the first public meeting held on this topic in the Marshall Magisterial District!  We heard from  Mr. Andrew Hopewell, Assistant Chief of Planning in Fauquier County's Community Development.    Andrew explained that these changes are a "total re-write" to that section of our Comprehensive Plan, and they may go to the Board of Supervisors as early as May.  Once adopted, this "Rural Lands" plan becomes the new basis for our Board of Supervisors to change local regulations regarding how we use our land.   

Twenty years ago was the last time the County made significant changes to this section.   Do these apply to you?  If you own property in Fauquier, you  are either within the "Service Districts" which are currently planned for higher-density urban growth, the "Villages," or you are in "Rural Lands."   Video of this meeting to be posted soon!

County contact: Andrew W. Hopewell, AICP; Assistant Chief of Planning 

Fauquier County Community Development; (540) 422-8210

Wish to give feedback to the MBRA?  Email

To view 45 page pdf of County's Rural Lands Plan Draft, December 2018, click here or below:

45 page pdf of Fauquier County's Rural Lands Plan Draft dated December 2018

"1972 trip to England influenced planning here" ~courtesy of, Nov. 30, 2012

" . . . we will have to swallow hard and then square up to one huge change in philosopy - that the rights of all the people, and generations to come, are more important than each man's right to do whatever he pleases with his own property . . . "     A quote taken from article dated November 30, 2012; Click here for full article~


Anything outside the "Service Districts" or the"Villages" is classified as "Rural Lands"

Community Development explains that, while this is a total re-write, the four key concepts are the same as they were the last time this chapter of the Comp Plan was changed:

·  Enhancing the farm economy

·  Protecting the rural character along with the environmental, cultural and visual resources

·  Maintaining strict controls over new development in rural areas

·  Support appropriate tourism while minimizing adverse impacts

(agritourism, ecotourism & heritage tourism)

Our 3rd annual "Love Marshall" Community Meeting, 2.12.19

What an enjoyable evening!  Part 1 featuring Dr. David Jeck, Fauquier County School Superintendent.   Click on "Past Newsletters" tab, above, and go to our March Newsletter for more from our speakers!

Part 2 featuring Lynne Richman Bell, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Fauquier

Please see both part 1 & Part 2, below, for January 8th

Part 1 of 2; January 8, 2019 

Continued: January 2019 MBRA Community Meeting, Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of 2, January  8, 2019

See November 13, 2018 Meeting Transcript & Video, below

Nov13,2018 Transcript of Complaint Session at end of Community Meeting (pdf)


Video below, detailed answers to be posted soon

Since the MBRA Board has become more inclusive, tolerating a diversity of opinion on the Marshall Main Street Project, we have received much pressure and heat from some who support the project, even when our November Community Meeting was not about the project.  We ask for tolerance and respect for our opinions~


MBRA's October Community Meeting on Main Street Project

Main Street Project Topic of Community Meeting at Ruritans, 10.9.18

We had a great meeting with dinner and conversation at the Marshall Ruritan building Tuesday night!  We greatly appreciate having key people associated with the project present to answer questions that the MBRA Board had provided the County in advance.  

Since our Board has been carefully studying the details of the project as they became available to us the past few months, we collected many questions that we had regarding the project.  The MBRA Board has diverse opinions on this subject from those for, those against, or anywhere in between, and the questions were representative of them.  Many were questions we had also heard from the community.

Especially with a project that will have the largest impact on Marshall that we have seen in a long time, it is important that people have the opportunity to get answers regarding this project that will be paid for, in part, by the Lighting Tax District (Special Tax District, MELBID).

Over 70 people attended to hear approximately 25 questions answered directly from those who had the answers.  

Great thanks go out to our Marshall District Supervisor Mary Leigh McDaniel, former Marshall District Supervisor and Project Manager Peter Schwartz, Current Project Manager and Director of Office and Management and Budget Erin Kozanecki, and former Project Manager Paul Lawrence.  It was very informative to have all of them assembled and participating in this community forum on such an important topic of discussion around Marshall.

We applaud the above four individuals for answering some tough questions in a clear and time-efficient way so that the audience could gain information directly.  Such an open and transparent event helps the community come together by addressing community concerns and involving them in the process.  This was a great step forward together in government-community relations and we look forward to continued good communications in the future!

For More Info On Main Street Project

As we get more information, we are posting it on our website (see "Main Street" tab above) or go to  For a chance to post and see pros and cons, as well as alternative ideas to the planned project, see the non-MBRA website:

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Visit the additional, non-MBRA site above, to share your ideas and comments on the project!

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